Each year, ENGIE Ineo hosts over 800 work-study employees and interns This approach is part of our corporate responsibility: prepare future generations to take over while promoting diversity and employability.

All occupations in technical and functional lines

For many years, work-study courses and internships have been an integral part of ENGIE Ineo’s HR policy and commitments to foster the professional integration of young people.

We help them prepare for all types of diplomas and degrees from high school diplomas, baccalauréat all the away up to master’s degrees in a variety of business lines: site operations, contract management, design and analysis, project management.

 We also propose some places in functional lines: HR, Finance, Quality, Purchasing, Communications etc.


Sharing experience

The transmission of knowledge and know-how is part of our DNA, through the extensive involvement of our tutors. Joining ENGIE Ineo as an intern or on a work-study course means young people can benefit from initial professional experience alongside people who are passionate about their jobs. In exchange, interns and student employees bring a fresh, stimulating and curious perspective to the company, but also their personality, areas of interest and experience in other walks of life.


Post-training support

We support young people throughout their training until the completion of their studies, through our “Engagement Jeunes” partnership. It spotlights young student employees who we might wish to recruit after their studies and enables us to share their profile around the Group and even outside it.


Come and browse our offers, your personality counts just as much as your skills!



Career path for young talents

The “Made in Ineo” Graduate Programme established in 2016 is a new demonstration of ENGIE Ineo’s commitment to the professional integration of new graduates.

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