The town of Niort, France, has chosen ENGIE Ineo to renovate and manage its public lighting

The town of Niort, France, has chosen a consortium comprising ENGIE Ineo (the prime contractor), Delaire and Citeos (VINCI Energies, Central France) to renovate, operate, maintain and manage the energy performance of its public lighting system.

This energy-savings performance contract will be officially signed on Thursday 6 September by Jérôme Baloge, the Mayor of Niort, Yann Rolland, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ENGIE Ineo and Corinne Lanièce, the Managing Director of the VINCI Energies France business unit.

The renovation of the public lighting system will have a clear impact on the everyday lives of the inhabitants of Niort, by improving their living conditions and safety, significantly reducing energy consumption and making a strong commitment to the environment and the protection of biodiversity.

5 years of contract
4 226 LED lighting points will be install
11 440 lighting points
72% of savings energy

Smart management of public lighting
All the lights in the hypercentre will be remotely controlled using the Street Light Vision platform.

  • The lighting scenarios can be programmed and modified (lights on and off, graduation by sector, by season, on special days, reduction of power in the middle of the night, etc.).
  • Understanding and control of the consumption of every single lighting point for optimal management.
  •  Instantaneous reports of failures and incidents.


Adapting to the lifestyle of the town’s inhabitants
The usages and activities inhabitants of the town of Niort were analysed in detail in advance in order to adapt to the town’s lighting needs by zone and to the residents’ everyday habits and movements (lights on and off, power variations, etc.). With LED technology, the lighting of all thoroughfares can be optimised and the intensity of the light can be adjusted to improve the safety of users, as soon as night falls.


The protection of the environment and biodiversity are top priorities

In addition to protecting the safety and comfort of residents and users, this contract also represents a genuine environmental step forwards.

Niort is a town committed to protecting its environmental assets, as the award of the 2013 prize for the “French capital of biodiversity” shows.

This is the reason why the protection of the environment and biodiversity are so important in this contract, which is based on the sustainable development strategy that has been so dear to the town of Niort for several years already.

Protecting biodiversity by reducing light pollution
Pollution and disturbance by light will be kept under control thanks to the 2,700°K yellow LEDs (Kelvin degrees (°K) are used to measure the colour of light). This equipment and the colour of the light, which are not harmful to biodiversity, were developed especially for this contract.

Black zones
In addition to the measures of the Grenelle roundtable on the environment taken to protect green zones (natural and semi-natural ecosystems on land) and blue zones (watercourses and wetlands), this contract also provides for the creation of two “black zones” in Niort. In these corridors, artificial night lighting will be switched off in order to limit the impacts on nature.

Close attention will be paid to the existence and survival of animal and plant species (movements, food, reproduction). These “black zones” play an essential role in the protection of a biodiversity that is under threat and enables ecosystems to develop properly, without being disturbed by humans.


A socially responsible contract

This contract will also be beneficial to the economy, because two fitters on a social integration training programme will join the consortium’s operational teams. At the end of their training, they will become fully qualified network fitters with all the qualifications required to work on live electrical equipment.