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1. General Information – Director of Publication

This Website, accessible at www.engie-ineo.fr, is the property of INEO SA, a French société anonyme (public limited company) with a capital of €106,637,716.80, registered with the Nanterre Trade and Companies Registry under number 552 108 797, whose registered office is at T1 – 1 place Samuel de Champlain, Faubourg de l’Arche – 92930 Paris La Défense, France, EU VAT number: FR 90552108797, which both designed and publishes this website.
Email address: dircom.ineo@engie.com, Tel.: 01 41 20 10 00
The Website’s Director of Publication is: Alexandra Michy

2. Personal Data

The only personal data that may be collected by INEO are done so solely when messages are sent via the ‘CONTACT US’ tab and in your ‘MY APPLICATIONS’ area.

Information marked with an asterisk is mandatory. You are responsible for verifying that the information you supply to us via this Website is accurate and complete. To enable us to process your requests correctly, please inform us immediately of any changes to the information supplied. The information collected is solely intended for use by INEO, a member of the ENGIE Group, which is hereby authorised to store and use it in order to inform you of our products and services, unless you object thereto on legitimate grounds. INEO and the ENGIE Group may also transmit this information to other companies in the same group, to its brokers and insurers and to third parties or subcontractors, but solely for management or marketing purposes and unless you object thereto. You may object to data concerning you being used for marketing purposes at no cost. Please contact us to exercise your rights to access, rectify and object to use of your data. The Website is not designed to receive confidential information from you. Accordingly, except for the personal data referred to above, no information in any form whatsoever transmitted to us via the Website – document, data, graphic, question, suggestion, concept, remark or other – shall under any circumstances be deemed confidential. Simply by transmitting such information, you therefore grant us the right to use, reproduce, disseminate, modify or forward it in order to process your request.

Pursuant to French Act no 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on information technology, data files and individual liberties (the French Data Protection Act), the Website has been declared to the CNIL (the French data protection authority) under no 2116957v0.
These data are retained for 1 month, after which time INEO shall destroy them.

3. Service Providers

The Website is hosted by: ITS Integra, SIRET no 421 633 173 Nanterre Trade and Companies Registry – Address: 42 RUE DE BELLEVUE, 92100 BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT, FRANCE.

4. Cookies

The user is informed upon arriving at the Website that INEO uses cookies to record information concerning their browsing behaviour. These cookies are only installed once the user has accepted them. Continued browsing of the Website constitutes acceptance. The User may object to the use of such cookies by setting up their browser accordingly, bearing in mind that access to certain services may require the user’s prior acceptance of cookies.

5. Hyperlinks

INEO shall not be liable with regard to hyperlinks to other websites, particularly with regard to the content of such websites. INEO is not responsible for hyperlinks to this Website.

6. Disclaimer

You act solely as a user of the Website.
The website is accessible 24/7, including on Sundays and public holidays, save during preventive or curative maintenance periods or in order to carry out other occasional work that may be necessary, or in the case of force majeure. You accept, however, that access may be interrupted as a result of the technical contingencies inherent to any IT platform.
INEO shall use every effort to ensure continuity of the Website’s technical operation.
INEO may, however, suspend the Platform’s operations at any time, in full or in part, without incurring any liability, particularly:
– In the event of a failure in the computer systems, software or server hardware;
– In the event of a major attack on the system by third parties, such as a denial of service attack or any other existing or future technique;
– For maintenance and/or upgrade purposes, particularly as regards modification of the features of the technical infrastructure and of its suppliers;
– In the event of a network connection failure.

7. Management of Access Codes and Passwords

Certain services featured on the Website require an access code and password. These access codes and passwords are confidential, personal, non-assignable and non-transferable. You are responsible for their management and safekeeping, and for the consequences of their use. You are therefore responsible for taking all necessary precautions for their protection and safekeeping. INEO and the ENGIE Group may under no circumstances be held liable for any fraudulent use thereof. In the interests of security, access to secure areas of the Website shall be automatically invalidated after several failed access attempts. INEO and the ENGIE Group reserve the right to suspend your access to the Website in the event of the fraudulent use or attempted fraudulent use of your password or access code. INEO and the ENGIE Group will inform you if your access is suspended. Records generated by the Website’s computer system during the user’s visits to the Website shall constitute proof of any action performed by the user on the Website, as well as proof of the processing of such action.

8. Intellectual Property

The Website is governed in full by French legislation regarding copyright, trademark law and intellectual property in general. The trademarks and logos (semi-figurative trademarks) of INEO and of the ENGIE Group appearing on the Website are registered trademarks. Any reproduction or representation thereof, in whole or in part, alone or as part of other components, without the prior, express and written authorisation of INEO or the ENGIE Group, is strictly prohibited. The general structure, software, texts, images, videos, sounds, know-how, animations and, in general, all information and content appearing on the Website, are the property of INEO and the ENGIE Group, or are covered by a right of use or exploitation. All such information and content are protected under intellectual property law. Any full or partial representation, modification, reproduction or misrepresentation of the whole or part of the Website or its content, by any means whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever, shall constitute infringement punishable under the French Intellectual Property Code. These Terms and Conditions do not grant you any licence to use trademarks, logos or photographs belonging to INEO or the ENGIE Group. Any databases appearing on the Website are protected by the provisions regarding the legal protection of databases. In this respect, INEO and the ENGIE Group expressly prohibit any reuse, reproduction or extraction of components constituting such databases. Any unauthorised reuse, reproduction or extraction shall render the user liable. INEO and the ENGIE Group reserve the right to delete forthwith and without giving formal notice thereof, any content (message, text, image or graphic) infringing the laws and regulations in force and in particular the regulations referred to above. Should you wish to use any content displayed on the Website (text, image, etc.), you must obtain the prior, express and written authorisation of INEO and the ENGIE Group, by writing to the address indicated in the paragraph entitled ‘Legal Information ‘ or by emailing the webmaster.

9. User Commitments

In general, the user undertakes to use the Website in full compliance with this Legal Notice, as well as with all legal provisions in force.

The user is solely responsible for the content they intend to post in their Candidate Area. INEO may not be considered as publisher of the user’s Candidate Area. The user shall ensure that the content they post via their Candidate Area complies with all applicable legal and regulatory provisions.

In this respect, the user shall ensure that the content shown in their Candidate Area, regardless of the nature or form thereof:

– In no way defends crimes against humanity, war crimes, Nazism or other crimes or offences, nor questions the existence of recognised crimes against humanity or genocide, nor constitutes an affront to human dignity;
– Is not of a violent, pornographic or paedophile nature or of a nature liable to be harmful to minors;
– Is not contrary to public policy or accepted principles of morality;
– Is not of a defamatory, abusive, extreme, untruthful or scandalous nature with regard to third parties, be they natural persons or legal entities;
– Does not constitute an act of infringement, unfair competition or parasitic behaviour;
– Is not of a racist, xenophobic, negationist nature and does not harm the honour or reputation of others, nor incite discrimination, hatred or violence towards any person or group of people based on their origin, sex, family situation, physical appearance, surname, state of health, disability, genetic features, lifestyle, real or presumed sexual orientation, age, political opinions, trade union activities or real or presumed membership of an ethnic group, nation, tribe or religion;
– Does not constitute an invasion of privacy nor breach the privacy or image rights of individuals;
– Does not contain any virus, worm, Trojan horse or other component liable to disrupt, destroy or limit the functionalities of any computer or computer network closely or loosely linked to the Website’s activities;
– Does not threaten any person or group of people;
– Does not incite others to commit crimes, offences or acts of terrorism;
– Does not breach any secret, particularly trade secrets or confidentiality of correspondence;
– Does not enable third parties to procure, whether directly or indirectly, pirated software, software enabling acts of piracy and fraudulent access to IT and telecommunication systems, viruses and other software bombs and, generally speaking, any software or other tool making it possible to breach the rights of others and jeopardise the safety of people and property.

The user must not use or arrange, even indirectly, for the creation of a hyperlink to a website or another platform from their Candidate Area.

Should INEO identify any illegal content, it reserves the right to promptly remove the content in question as a precautionary measure.
Should INEO receive any information regarding illegal content, for example defending crimes and offences or crimes against humanity or inciting racial hatred or child pornography, it has an obligation to inform the relevant authorities.

10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Legal Notice is subject to the provisions of French law. In the event of a dispute, the user and INEO shall make every effort to resolve their differences out of court, without prejudice to the provisions laid down in Part V of the French Consumer Affairs Code. Failing this, they may refer the matter to the court with jurisdiction in the place where the defending party resides or is legally domiciled for tax purposes.


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