As an ENGIE group subsidiary strongly involved in the digital energy revolution, ENGIE Ineo delivers a wide range of know-how and associated skills, along with the required training.

Our professions

Whether technical, technological, administrative or organisational, ENGIE Ineo offers a wide diversity of professions in future sectors. For a long time now, we have promoted diversity and access to technical occupations across all profiles.

Skills and expertise

Put your expertise to good use

If you have in-depth knowledge of a technology or proven technical know-how, why not put it to good use in a career path focused on innovation within a reputable group and a key player in the digital and energy transformation?

Training and skills development

Acquire new skills to assist your development, consolidate existing abilities, enrich your know-how: ENGIE Ineo proposes innovative training methods suited to your chosen career path.

 Ineo school 

Our internal training organisation offers many opportunities to acquire skills to further your career: personal development, in-depth technical expertise, managerial training, introduction to new skills etc.


We deliver e-learning, tutoring and mentoring to support our staff throughout your professional development.

 Secure your career path 

We provide internal programmes to secure career paths and plan ahead for changes in our business activities and sectors.

Through appropriate technical training, our employees benefit from gateway courses to acquire new skills and progress to new occupations.



Job offers published within ENGIE Ineo and the ENGIE group provide career development opportunities for employees in multiple fields, enabling you to benefit from an active functional or geographical mobility policy.


ENGIE Ineo's areas of expertise