ENGIE Ineo specialises in renewable energy sources and has obtained considerable expertise in building wind farms. It operates under local partnerships to deliver global solutions.

Partner for all your wind projects

Wind power has found favourable currents through legislative support and benefits associated with its production methods: since 2014 it has shown continuous growth in France, which today is the fourth largest in Europe in terms of installed power (12,066 MW) and power produced (2.7 TWh). In Europe, where wind power capacities now exceed those of coal-fired plants, it is even considered to be a mature energy source.

ENGIE Ineo has been active in this sector for a long time; with 1000 MW installed and 50 wind farms built, it has become a genuine expert in this green energy model that it is helping to develop.

Full support

As your preferred partner at each step, ENGIE Ineo delivers all the skills required to design and build wind farms:

  • Preliminary design work
  • Dimensioning and definition of electrical systems
  • Public grid connection formalities
  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Participation in collaborative meetings with local authorities and residents
  • Engineering: civil engineering and electrical design work
  • Construction in overall project management mode: Access routes, roads and lifting platforms, foundations, turbine connections, factory construction of custom delivery substations, electrical distribution, testing and inspection, commissioning.

A commitment to quality

ENGIE Ineo is committed to delivering services that reflect industry best practices: certification of production procedures (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FNTP, Ten-year guarantee for civil engineering).


Innovation: wind turbines of tomorrow

60 kW of wind power was installed on the experimental Smart Grid in Toulouse, where ENGIE Ineo oversees the Smart ZAE project. The capacity is supplemented by several major technological innovations:

  • electricity storage units (100 kW / 100 kWh of inertia wheels and 100 kWh of batteries);
  • DC links for optimum efficiency;
  • exchanges between storage capacities and energy production sources;
  • high-yield energy converters.

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