For cities and regions, transport infrastructures are subject to several key issues: attractiveness, performance, energy efficiency, smooth travel and passenger safety.

Smoother and cleaner transport systems

Local authorities and transport operators must deal with some key challenges:

  • Integrate changes provoked by the energy transition and digital transition;
  • Foster the emergence of new transport modes;
  • Carry increasing numbers of passengers in the best possible conditions of fluidity and safety.

As a pioneer in the energy revolution, ENGIE Ineo considers transport as a major factor in the attractiveness and development of regions. Our teams are committed to developing smoother transport systems that emit less carbon and less pollution. Our expertise delivers leading-edge responses to this requirement:

  • decarbonised offers which blend infrastructures with services;
  • the development of smart systems and digital tools to manage and analyse data;
  • the deployment of innovative solutions such as automated shuttles etc.

ENGIE Ineo, a committed partner for all client infrastructure projects

For transport infrastructures that are reliable, sustainable and offer excellent energy performance, ENGIE Ineo supports its clients throughout their projects, from the construction of a new transport infrastructure to the extension and modernisation of existing networks, for all modes:

  • Underground (Métro)
  • Bus and HQPT (High Quality Passenger Transport)
  • Tramway
  • Rail
  • Road

ENGIE Ineo is involved in a variety of products of vastly different natures and dimensions. Examples include the Tours-Bordeaux LGV high-speed rail line, the future TER regional rail system linking Dakar to the new Blaise Daigne international airport in Senegal, the extension of Casablanca’s tramway system in Morocco (commissioning in 2018).

Global solutions for sustainable mobility

In France and internationally, ENGIE Ineo personnel are specialists in sustainable mobility. They demonstrate a wide range of skills required to design and implement integrated solutions.

– Reliable and efficient infrastructure design
Supply and distribution of catenary power, substations and transformers, overhead power lines, energy recovery systems, system supervision etc.

– Passenger and structure security

– Road and rail signals, roadside equipment (radar, counters etc., CCTV, radio, telephony, PA, fire detection, emergency call network, tunnel lighting and ventilation, air traffic control, navigation assistance etc.

– Improvement of user comfort
Real-time operations management and passenger information system (SAEIV), interactive terminals etc.

Innovation, a guiding light

For ENGIE Ineo, innovation feeds all our métiers, activities and projects. Our innovative approach requires substantial investment: from 7 to 10% of revenue is devoted to R&D by operational entities responsible for transport infrastructures.
ENGIE Ineo is also involved in research programmes in France with ADEME, in Europe via the EBSF programme (European Bus System of the Future).
Our commitment is illustrated by the May 2017 acquisition of Swedish firm Icomera, the world’s leading provider of open Internet connectivity on passenger transport systems.

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