Whatever the sectors - defence, transport, healthcare - or the users - local authorities, businesses, operators - telecommunications represent a key technology issue. Though our innovative expertise, ENGIE Ineo can develop leading edge solutions to secure and guarantee the availability of telecommunications infrastructures.

ENGIE Ineo, player in regional digital deployment

Access to digital services for all, especially in rural areas, is a primary concern for local authorities to meet the expectation of their residents and new daily usage habits.

More widely, connected regions have a head start in attracting business opportunities such as company head offices, start-ups etc. ENGIE Ineo expertise in digital technology enables us to deploy infrastructures to meet the most essential of needs.

40 départements in France equipped with superfast broadband by ENGIE Ineo
60 urban networks deployed in France
4,000 IoT antennae (Sigfox) deployed

Our offering

Public initiative network (RIP) projects (France’s superfast broadband deployment plan): roll-out of fast and superfast broadband networks, FttX, communication systems, collaborative solutions (messaging, web conferences etc.), installation and integration of specific solutions for local authorities, healthcare institutions and universities, etc.
All types of contracts: works contracts followed by lease agreement, design, construction, operation and maintenance agreement, public service delegation

Internet of Things (IoT): using a low-cost, standalone, connected sensor, data is transmitted via a long-range, low-speed collection infrastructure (Sigfox) to a processing platform. Applications: parking management, air quality, predictive maintenance, energy performance, building technical management etc.

Open urban Wi-Fi networks: temporary deployment (festivals, events etc.) or permanent installations (tourist areas) of Wi-Fi access points covering all or part of the area, linked to a superfast broadband access point to offer optimal guarantee of service.

Deployment of high quality GSM Indoor coverage (from 2G to 4G+) in buildings, whatever their nature. Compatible with all operators.

Secured radio-communication networks, mainly oriented to telephony and short message handling services meeting strict requirements in terms of robustness (TETRA, DMR), confidentiality (encryption of transmissions) and service availability (use by public security forces).

Our added value

Our teams of specialists work across the whole value chain, from audit to maintenance.

High availability of equipment and systems
Development of open source solutions, cost optimisation and support for network migration to IP infrastructures, installation and integration of access networks, transmission networks etc.

Development of local services
Deployment of landline and mobile networks, cable and fibre, installation and commissioning of passive and active infrastructures, transmission equipment, specific skills in last-mile connections etc.

Security of public and private communications
Protection of critical infrastructures, installation and integration of data transmission and storage solutions, data centres, cloud computing, network architecture, supervision, access control, LAN, MAN, system operation and maintenance etc.

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