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Technical, organisational or climate risks: events that could affect industrial sites are multiple and their consequences may be far-reaching. ENGIE Ineo supports decision-makers on key points in risk management: anticipation, real-time management of events, post-event analysis.

Asphales, a cross-functional risk management solution for all industrial operators

The Asphales solutions developed by ENGIE Ineo brings two major benefits: full risk management and data pooling. Equipped with essential functions, it covers three main phases of risk management: analysis, day-to-day resource management, event management supervision.


  • Database of standard systems from which each user can build their own systems reference tool.
  • Construction of logic event trees (cause-consequence trees).
  • Geo-referencing and shared data associated with risk management, over a single, easily accessible interface.
  • Event scenario support using maps to meet regulatory requirements.


Day-to-day resource management

  • Tracking each risk management measure and its operating status.
  • Dashboard indicators specific to each user.
  • Scheduling and tracking of action chains, automation of each procedure via a specific interface.
  • Mobile version to facilitate information reporting from the field to dashboard displays.


Event management supervision

  • Instant real-time vision of resources available to manage an event.
  • Real-time adjustment of risk analysis to aid decision-making as event occurs.
  • Document management module serving to share and deliver reference tools (directories, procedures, action check-lists etc.).


The benefits of Asphales

  • Risk and threat analysis
  • Analysis of dangers
  • Impact analysis
  • Emergency plans (internal emergency plan, internal operations plan, internal security plan, operational security plan etc.)
  • Business continuity plan
  • Safety management of operational actions
  • Audits

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