Smart grid

The energy revolution also entails new ways of designing power grids with technology innovations in support: distribution, storage and management are combined in a Smart grid solution developed by ENGIE Ineo.

ENGIE Ineo, creator of Smart grid solutions

More expensive energy, world demand on the rise, frequent peak consumption levels: these developments require that we adopt a new approach to power grids. Other key parameters come into play: the contribution of renewable energies and their variable nature, new uses such as electric vehicles etc.


To meet these energy-related, economic, societal issues, the smart grid
solutions designed and implemented by ENGIE Ineo draw benefit from its capacity for technological innovation. Such solutions are interactive, connected and enable network control, real-time status monitoring, aggregation and analysis of data to prevent failures, optimise the system and even store energy.

With ENGIE Ineo, take control of your energy

  • Access key data to enable you to consume and manage your energy differently;
  • procure energy according to your needs, thereby reducing your costs;
  • benefit from a sustainable and safe electricity supply;
  • ensure the comfort of consumers.

Smart grids, who are they for?

Smart grids meet a vast array of innovative energy needs: on the scale of a city, a district, a transportation network, a building complex etc. but also for isolated regions, industrial sites etc.

Solar Smart Grid

Located in Alata (20 km north of Ajaccio in Southern Corsica), the Solar Smart Grid comprises a ground array photovoltaic plant with a power output of 4.4 MWc, a storage unit (4.3 MWh) and smart energy management systems. It was built in partnership with plant operator Corsica Sole. The plant was built following a call for tenders by the French Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) for photovoltaic projects coupled to storage solutions for non-interconnected areas.

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