Smart city

Smart cities integrate an increasing number of day-to-day functions: transportation, district heating and cooling networks, public lighting etc. As a herald of the Smart city, ENGIE Ineo supports local authorities in their digital transformation projects.

Simplified city…

Ever more applications to simplify day-to-day life, ever more agile technologies: this rapid evolution has enabled the Smart city to become a reality that blends a multitude of urban functions. ENGIE Ineo experts develop custom-built solutions for local authorities according to their requirements and those of local residents.

Integration of technical components, interoperability of systems and simplification of interfaces all offer multiple benefits:

  • for the local authority, real-time view of system status;
  • for operators, centralised network management;
  • for users, a smoother and higher-quality daily life.

Smart city AAS (As A Service)

ENGIE Ineo designs architectures based on principles of effectiveness:

  • open ecosystem: data can be used to build partnerships with local start-ups or established businesses,
  • data infrastructure stored in France,
  • control over the full data chain from the field through to Open Data delivery or reuse,
  • perspectives for full use by city with associated commitments.

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