Smart building

With buildings that are increasingly connected and better managed, optimised space management, occupant needs better satisfied, the capacity for innovation demonstrated by ENGIE Ineo anticipates new uses with smart solutions and services, from digital models to functional applications.

BIM: modelling to serve the energy revolution

As the leader in connected buildings, ENGIE Ineo proposes its BIM (Building Information Model) solution developed by a dedicated team of experts.  The principle involves a collaborative work mode around the virtual modelling of a building structure (database generally viewed in 3D). The BIM is used by each stakeholder:

  • at the design stage and throughout the construction process: contracting authority, project management, architect, engineering office, financial controller etc.
  • in the operating phase over the whole building life cycle: owner, operator, property manager, asset manager etc.

Each party has data it can share. The digital model is used with a process to offer multiple functions:

  • define who does what and when;
  • run simulations (energy, structural etc.);
  • run analyses;
  • run checks and visualisations etc.

ENGIE Ineo, dual expertise in digital technology and tertiary buildings

ENGIE Ineo’s smart building offering is based on tried and tested dual expertise: long expertise in management of commercial sites, an innovative approach to digital transformation serving the building life cycle.

The BIM enables ENGIE Ineo to go even further: our customers have a simple tool, a single solution for property management and operational supervision, which reliably and consistently centralises all the information required for building management and operation.

This solution generates significant benefits:

  • ensure the building systems can be upgraded, foresee and maintain performance levels for sustainable property;
  • offer new innovative services which can be integrated in the model for overall digital transformation of buildings and their uses;
  • Enable savings on three-quarters of building life costs

Digital innovation for new work spaces

The tertiary buildings of the future offer spaces that are managed differently, through simple and intuitive applications developed by ENGIE Ineo to offer ever more functionalities.

These tools are integrated into existing IT systems, enabling the operator to provide occupants with spaces suited to each activity, in the best possible conditions of use and comfort:

  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Parking or vehicle sharing spaces
  • Sports facilities etc.


The use of collected data optimises building life, for which all aspects are covered:

  • search for and reserve work spaces;
  • locate the nearest printer;
  • manage ambient temperature, access, lighting;
  • organise and plan meeting locations;
  • report malfunctions to initiate maintenance responses.

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