Safe city

For cities and territories are facing huge the new security challenges. To meet them and ensure the safety of all, ENGIE Ineo designs tailor-made solutions, deployed in a partnership approach.

Innovate for safe cities

  • Anticipate and detect hazardous situations;
  • Protect public areas and key infrastructures;
  • Deliver real-time information needed for effective action in the event of a crisis
  • Deliver a timely appropriate response

Innovative, custom solutions for all fields of action

ENGIE Ineo solutions are designed to support all parties involved in global security measures.

Our Safe City solutions are innovative, custom-built, modular and interoperable, to deliver support in all fields:

  • coordinate security organisations;
  • ensure real-time surveillance;
  • reinforce cyber security of infrastructures;
  • provide decision aids to reduce response times;
  • reinforce operational capacity of urban security forces.


The DECIDE touch-screen interface and the SenCity platform enable stakeholders to share the same vision of operations, opening up new possibilities for collaboration between decision-makers and urban security forces. ENGIE Ineo’s global approach uses connected objects and all data available from city infrastructures to adapt responses to the specific nature of each location or region.


Cover all civil security needs

  • Sustainable security for populations, the region and its infrastructures

Video surveillance systems and equipment, urban supervision centre, anti-intrusion, alarms and motion detection, access control (badge and biometrics), remote surveillance, call centres, satellite tracking, detection of dangerous situations, fire detection, lightning risk protection etc.

  • Handling major natural and technology risks

Anticipate, prevent, react, detect, decide: real-time information, public alert systems, response assistance, vulnerability audits etc.

  • Exceptional surveillance of major events

Exceptional deployment of additional resources for special events: roaming surveillance cameras, acoustic detection, behaviours, crowd control, satellite tracking, drones etc.

  • Security in urban transportation systems

System interconnections, operational aids and response systems, access management, distress calls and transfer to emergency response forces, surveillance of technical equipment, passenger information, CCTV etc.

  • Road safety equipment and management

Traffic signals, CCTV, telecommunications, fire detection, tunnel lighting and ventilation, traffic light signals, speed radars etc.


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