Public lighting

Improve resident well-being and safety, promote heritage sites, make energy savings: all expectations of local authorities that ENGIE Ineo can meet through its highly energy-efficient lighting plans.

Reinvent regions using innovative lighting solutions

Whether static or dynamic, daytime or nocturnal, aesthetic or functional, urban public lighting plays a decisive role in city animations. Lighting plans developed by ENGIE Ineo teams deliver the quality factors of a custom-designed urban public lighting network: quality of lighting, comfort, beauty, efficiency, reliability.

From financing, design to operation and preventive or curative maintenance, ENGIE Ineo solutions cover the whole value chain on any type of contract.

40% in energy consumption
- 35% in maintenance costs
- 60% in failure rate

In France

9 millions of outdoor lighting points
45% of luminaires are over 25 years old

Our offering

  • Illuminate : Improved quality and energy efficiency of public lighting, lower consumption, etc.
  • Renovate : Simple renovation project or with performance obligation
  • Promote : Custom lighting schemes for heritage buildings, illuminated pathways, interactive sound and light visits, image festivals, stage lighting, giant image projection, holiday illuminations, sports event lighting etc.
  • Improve energy performance : High-performance energy-efficient lighting solutions, adaptation of lighting systems to usage, reduced energy bills and operating costs, consumption management, optimised energy sourcing conditions, guaranteed continuity of service etc.
  • Make lighting smart : Remote management solutions, light pools, smart luminaires etc.
  • Secure surroundings : Greater security and well-being for residents, availability, responsiveness and professionalism of maintenance teams etc.
  • Protect the environment : Reduction in light pollution, lower emissions due to consumption and type of lighting used, integration of renewable energy sources in power grid etc.

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