ENGIE Ineo delivers integrated solutions to satisfy the configuration requirements of local authorities and businesses in their solar power projects.

Invest in profitable and efficient energy

Solar energy is inexhaustible and reliable, offering new perspectives of supplying power to buildings. A photovoltaic system can increase building energy performance while actively contributing to the mitigation of climate change. These solutions are installed on usable but unoccupied building surfaces, representing a viable investment and a perennial source of revenue.

Suitable solutions whatever your project

As a specialist in totally renewable energy sources, ENGIE Ineo installs efficient and reliable equipment for your solar power projects. Our solutions are made to suit all configurations, whether on large roofs (buildings, greenhouses, parking shades) or ground-based farms (static, CPV, single axis trackers).

And because a project can be more efficient when management is shared, we are active at all phases from design and installation through to maintenance. We also propose a range of complementary services to deliver end-to-end support, such as feasibility studies, financing, administrative formalities etc.

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