Obsolescence management

The experts of Ineo Nuclear provide support on all issues concerning the obsolescence of electronic and electrical equipment.

Full range of à la carte solutions

ENGIE Ineo delivers technical expertise, nuclear facility know-how and a robust commitment in the form of à la carte solutions:

  • Outsourced logistics and intelligence: full logistics management of a replacement equipment inventory, identify equipment programmed to become obsolete.
  • Orientation: depending on market parameters (product value, volume handled) propose the most suitable handling strategy (long-term storage, equivalence, re-design, recover, discard).
  • Re-design: taking into account restrictions on the qualification of equipment (environment, failure modes, sustainability, intellectual property), define the most suitable solution (identical manufacture, iso-functional re-design, revamping).
  • Qualification: prepare the industrial production of new products through the best-suited qualification strategy (usage, analogy, demonstration, tests).

Specialists active across the whole value chain

  • Identify and detect obsolete equipment.
  • Analyse facilities, determine management strategies.
  • Replace obsolete equipment.
  • Qualify new equipment.

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