In the nuclear industry, maintenance must satisfy a key issue: ensure that plants operate in full safety. ENGIE Ineo expertise in this field supports industry players and enables them to make the best possible technical and economic choices.

Expert support

Whether for repairs, renewals or replacements, nuclear facility maintenance is done over several time scales – daily, yearly, ten-yearly. Whether it concerns inspections to ensure the equipment operates correctly or extending its life time, we must always make well-founded technical and economical choices.

ENGIE Ineo specialists deliver support in these areas to help you meet your key objectives:

  • enhance the availability of your facilities;
  • meet safety requirements;
  • extend the service life of the facilities;
  • optimise OPEX.

Our multi-technical maintenance offering

Our specialists work on nuclear facilities via a range of services offering robust benefits:

  • a single correspondent who coordinates all services and secures the decision chain;
  • a multi-activity offering that combines skills and experience in HVAC, electrical and mechanical engineering;
  • a multi-site approach associated with a global, central vision of services delivered;
  • related services: replacement part logistics, equipment knowledge upkeep, financing solutions.

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