Large projects

ENGIE Ineo is a stakeholder in emblematic projects for the nuclear industry. Our expertise covers existing sites and New Build projects for the needs of major operators.

Our expertise on large projects in France

EDF, Flamanville EPR: design work, qualification and assembly of Miscellaneous Electrical Installations, radiological protection chains (KRT-KRC).

Areva: Georges Besse II uranium enrichment plant.


ITER, the largest ever international research project on fusion energy

Consortium leader ENGIE Axima, ENDEL ENGIE and ENGIE Ineo jointly delivered the nuclear portion of the contract, the Tokamak, comprising three BNI (basic nuclear installations). Their complementary nature once again made the difference after winning the contract for the coil windings of the ITER project.

After the year-long design phase, the work started in September 2014 for a five-year term. At peak activity level in 2016, up to 450 people were active from these entities.

Our expertise on large international projects

ENGIE Ineo set up a dedicated structure for large international nuclear projects. This structure is primarily involved in new build projects, delivering expertise through specific services such as design, project management, equipment procurement etc.

A key factor in this approach is to create links with local top ranking suppliers to provide customers with solid, innovative and financially attractive proposals.

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