Global security

In light of the emergence of new threats, governments and organisations must rise to meet the common challenge of protecting their territories, citizens and key infrastructures.

Custom solutions that are modular and interoperable

  • Reinforce security and safety of property and citizens
  • Secure territories and infrastructures
  • Anticipate and manage main threats and risks
  • Obtain, collate, process and share information efficiently
  • Reinforce and coordinate operational capacities.

Your issues

ENGIE Ineo develops, deploys and delivers maintenance services for global, integrated and modular security solutions. Our specialist teams supply competent authorities with the resources to coordinate effectively and reliable, optimised decision-making aids. Their aim: satisfy all requirements in terms of the security and protection of their environment.

  • Global management and supervision
    • Multi-technical and multi-site management
    • Information system integration / interface development
    • Multi-activity monitoring & supervision
  • Crisis management support
    • Risk modelling / simulation
    • Situational presentations and handling
    • Multi-channel alert diffusion
    • Intervention monitoring / coordination
  • Information system security and availability
    • System and network availability
    • Data and system integrity
    • Data confidentiality
    • Access tracking and activity monitoring
  • Communications surveillance
    • Surveillance of radio frequencies
    • Legal interception systems
  • Sensor integration
    • Integrated access control and anti-intrusion systems
    • Perimeter / peripheral protection
    • Sensor networks
    • CBRNE
  • CCTV
    • Multi-service network architecture
    • Deployment in urban and/or industrial environments
    • Open and scalable system architecture
    • Integration of smart video modules

Secure solutions for control and command centres

By ensuring the interconnection of systems, the solutions deployed by ENGIE Ineo guarantee that decision-makers receive information indispensable to their decisions in emergency situations.

From design to deployment, to operational maintenance and training, ENGIE Ineo is fully involved in all aspects of the value chain for its customers’ projects.

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