Equipment support

Commitment to operational availability of Defence equipment


  • Technical operational availability of equipment (aircraft, vehicles, uniforms etc.)
  • Observance of deadlines
  • Budget and forecast management
  • Optimisation of scope / catalogue
  • Payment according to usage
  • CSR/SD/End of life management
  • R&D: catalogue updates suited to usage and financial objectives

Key figures

1.2 million batteries
25,000 vehicle batteries
300 delivery sites in France
20,000 tyres


  • Availability of Devices, Accessories and Equipment
  • Rationalisation of inventories
  • Budget control for end of life management
  • Control of scope
  • Flat-fee payment
26 AS 350 Squirrel FR helicopters
15 user locations in France
6 abroad

Fleet management

  • Rationalisation of inventories
  • Budget control
  • Fleet management
  • Training
  • Aircraft and Fleet availability
5 DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft
17,000 flight hours
2 sites in France

Operational missions

  • Fleet management (guaranteed availability)
  • Rationalisation of inventories
  • Budget control


National Police uniform management

ENGIE Ineo manages the production, supply and distribution of uniform items and accessories for the French National Police. This global management service covers all uniform functions in the private or public sector.

ENGIE Ineo delivers its expertise and added value to each phase:

  • secure supplies;
  • deliver innovations to user products and services
  • adapt to the day-to-day issues and operational specifics of the armed forces;
  • make a commitment to service performance, observe deadlines and the quality of uniform items.


Contract management

  • Performance monitoring
  • Technical support
  • Customer support
  • Order management
  • Recycling and reuse
  • Forecasts and scheduling
  • Procurement capacity
120,000 police officers
1.5 million uniform items delivered each year
4,500 product references

Optimise participation in Peacekeeping operations: Equipment, support, training and finance.

United Nations Peacekeeping operations aim to provide security and support to consolidate and maintain peace.

The OMP SOLUTIONS grouping comprises two partners sharing joint values: ENGIE Ineo and SOFEXI, an industrial group specialising in uniform manufacture and equipment supplies since 1850.

The global offering proposed by OMP SOLUTIONS meets the criteria and capacity requirements of the United Nations to be eligible for Peacekeeping operations and their repayment.



  • Deliver a global offering in respect of UN requirements: uniforms, equipment, services.
  • Assist in Through-life support – logistics TLS, replacement parts, training – throughout deployment until the equipment is returned in the contributing country.
  • Help complete repayment formalities with UN through pre-audit and assistance in preparing UN visits.
  • Secure bank funding of investment through access to loans to ensure financial equilibrium on costly external operations.


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