Secure the supply, promote reasonable and efficient consumption, encourage green energy sources: these issues are core factors in the energy transition. As a key player on the energy infrastructure market through its skills in design, construction and operation, ENGIE Ineo can operate at all levels of the value chain.

Five fields of expertise in energy infrastructures

The teams of ENGIE Ineo specialists offer leading edge technology skills in two main areas: HV infrastructures; energy management in France and for export markets.

Across a closely-meshed customer network, these teams deploy their expertise in five main fields:

  • reliability of High Voltage transformer substations;
  • reinforcement of High Voltage transmission lines;
  • creation and promotion of positive energy communities and islands;
  • design and deployment of smart grids;
  • reinforcement of industrial energy efficiency.
370 M€ revenue
32 locations
30 countries
350 MW installed
100 electrical substations
100 000 km of overhead power lines

Pioneering solutions

Secure, reinforce and adapt the current electricity grid

As the forerunners of new uses, ENGIE Ineo energy infrastructure specialists are positioned on all opportunities resulting from the energy transition policy. They develop innovative and efficient solutions:

  • Use of drones to monitor lines, precision helicopter-pulling;
  • Green industrialised electricity substation“, more compact than an outdoor substation and more environmentally-sound than a shielded substation;
  • Energy storage systems to deliver system services to grids;
  • Monitoring and supervision of electricity grids deployed in turnkey dispatch centres;
  • Digitalisation of grid through digital instrumentation and control systems used to operate transformer substations, strategic links in the HV grids;
  • Range of new-generation computers and digital protection systems;
  • Optimised logistics to deploy complex offshore projects.

Insular or isolated communities

Innovate to enable access to energy independence

Renewable energy sources offer efficient solutions for communities living far from conventional production points. ENGIE Ineo experts design and build grids to meet their specific requirements, in particular the variable nature of energy production.
This is the case in North and West African isolated regions, where the national grid supply is either insufficient or non-existent – islands, enclaves, poorly supplied sensitive sites etc.

ENGIE Ineo has developed hybrid power plants to deliver turnkey solutions for energy independence, based on an innovative approach: they combine solar or wind power production with diesel generators and a storage system. Their unique smart production management system generates clean energy that is safe and at reasonable cost.

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