Electrical mobility

The rise of electric vehicles is a forward-looking response to the issues of the energy transition. ENGIE Ineo is a major player in the electrical mobility revolution, in particular in the deployment of vehicle charging infrastructures and associated services.

Innovate for sustainable urban mobility

New urban mobility systems now include solutions that favour energy-efficient travel. For city authorities, energy syndicates, central purchasing platforms etc., this context favours the arrival of the electric vehicle at maturity, both in terms of urban travel and corporate vehicle fleets. This solution is innovative and sustainable, enabling seamless integration into effective approaches such as car-sharing or smart parking.

Over 1,500 EV charging stations installed in France

ENGIE Ineo anticipated the new era of electric vehicles like a true visionary.  With already over 1,500 charging stations to its name in France, it proposes real-time support to guarantee the performance and availability of infrastructures. ENGIE Ineo combines several fields of expertise in the market for charging stations and associated services: design and installation of electrical equipment, communication infrastructures, digital technologies supporting services – technical and sales platforms, user interfaces etc.

ENGIE Ineo expertise in electrical mobility: a global, scalable and intelligent approach 

  • Custom analysis and design: analysis of requirements, design of custom solutions, aid in selecting and dimensioning the charging infrastructure.
  • Upstream support: definition of locations and administrative formalities.
  • Installation: supply of charging terminals, execution of work, electrical connections to supply grid.
  • Real-time operation: energy management, remote control of charging infrastructures, dynamic parking management, call centre, payment platform.
  • Maintenance: infrastructure monitoring, computerised control solutions, support and consulting (reporting, usage analysis, recommendations).
  • User services: responsive website (map of charging stations, availability indicators), digital payment solutions.


Innovative solution to optimise your fleet management: vehicle sharing Our experts will support you in deploying a solution that blends sustainable mobility with responses tailored to new uses.

Benefits to local authorities

  • Reduction of the region’s carbon footprint
  • Enhanced attractiveness
  • Reduction in associated costs
  • Compliance with alternating traffic measures and new environmental requirements
  • Encouragement of green mobility and new associated practices

Benefits of ENGIE Ineo solution

  • Time savings through digital invoicing
  • Remote control of locking / unlocking charging terminals
  • Vehicle battery charge tracking
  • Guaranteed vehicle availability rate

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