Citizen communication management

Applications, variable message signs, online services etc. Communication between authorities and citizens has been transformed by digital technology. Here ENGIE Ineo's expertise can be seen in innovative solutions.

Multi-party communication

Nowadays communication with local populations involves several issues:

  • Involve citizens in the life of the community through information about democratic governance and public services: decisions, projects, new services, open data etc.
  • Make day-to-day formalities easier through online services: civil status, public transport, library lending services etc.
  • Showcase local heritage and culture through virtual visits etc.
  • Encourage participation by updating services through new communication methods: budgets, urban development in districts or public places etc…

ENGIE Ineo: an expert approach for connected citizens

For a local authority, interconnecting remote sites consists in deploying a communications infrastructure that allows data, computing resources and services to be shared by all local authority buildings.

ENGIE Ineo experts can achieve this interconnection by a variety of methods: deployment of proprietary fibre links, location of non-activated fibre links or Herzian beam systems. The service also includes active network components, IP or MPLS, as well as cyber security measures.

The infrastructure created by ENGIE Ineo serves to pool services within the local authority departments: shared internet access, use of VoWi-Fi (Voice over Wi-Fi), VoIP and decentralised applications in data centres.

This infrastructure can also consolidate control of external public equipment such as public lighting cabinets, intersection traffic lights, access points to city centres, CCTV etc.

Our offering: a global approach in co-construction mode

  • More efficient infrastructures
  • More accessible services
  • Secure and capitalised data sharing
  • Pooled resources

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