Armed forces

ENGIE Ineo develops innovative services and solutions based around four key skill areas: information, protection, environmental protection and critical operations systems, support services.

Receive, transmit and deliver decisive information

ENGIE Ineo designs and builds radio communication solutions, radio equipment and radars for integration on military equipment. Our multiple skills as an integrator make us a specialist in data transmission, through the deployment of radio and satellite communication networks, air and sea navigation control systems, the integration of C2 information systems for Defence and Security.

Fuel cells: autonomous information and communication systems

ENGIE Ineo expertise delivers innovative solutions for energy production: through the use of hydrogen, it is possible to supply electrical power to onboard or isolated mobile systems and to do away with the need for fossil fuels. These new solutions improve the cost of operation and of ownership for onboard or standalone field operational systems.

Right from the system design phase, they deliver responses to challenging issues:

  • optimised weight of energy production and storage equipment;
  • increased autonomy;
  • reduced resupply needs;
  • reduced cost per kilowatt-hour.

The offer is designed to be modular to propose electricity production solutions suited to each purpose.


HF radio communication networks

PASCALE is one of the main systems used by ENGIE Ineo to deliver analogue or digital voice services, data transmission and messaging, whether encrypted or not. It consolidates the radio resources from one or more radio stations and allocates them dynamically to users, while allowing the use of mixed equipment.  The system is natively IP and compatible with all networks compliant with this protocol. It is also modular and scalable according to multiple parameters. Interoperability is ensured through respect of industry-wide standards and in particular Stanags, military standards (MIL STD) and ICAO.

Protect forces and territories

ENGIE Ineo deploys equipment and solutions for zone surveillance, reconnaissance or electronic warfare, to protect communications networks, strategic sites and populations: threat detection, electromagnetic environment simulations etc.


Manage the environment of critical operations systems

ENGIE Ineo assists in protecting armed forces and critical systems by bolstering their protective capacities, energy autonomy, systems deployments, right through to ensuring the operational readiness of equipment for armed force deployments.

Deliver support and services to deployed forces

ENGIE Ineo delivers solutions and services to suit the required levels of availability for Defence resources deployed on external operations: provision of operational personnel, telecommunications and information systems, global support to deployed systems.

These services also include TLS (Through-Life Support) and security preservation of operational systems.


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