Anaerobic digestion

The energy revolution requires the emergency of new, renewable energy sources but which also generate income. An example in case is anaerobic digestion or methane fermentation solutions for small units developed by ENGIE Ineo: sources of income that are simple to deploy and suited to specific sites such as farms and industrial sites.

1,500 biogas production units planned
1,000 methane fermentation units on farms planned by the State by 2020
130 projects per year between 2013 and 2020

Biogas production on the farm: new sources of income for farmers

ENGIE Ineo delivers its scientific skills in anaerobic digestion processes (biological process and environmental engineering) to generate turnkey biogas production solutions.

The service offering includes full support:

  • project development (suited to issues of biogas production in France) with pre-diagnostics, technical and economic feasibility studies;
  • detailed preliminary design, legal and financial vehicles, administrative formalities;
  • production: methane fermentation units; installation and connection of co-generation process; heat recovery and distribution;
  • monitoring and maintenance.

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