New Caledonia: new mobility for the Noumea Metropolitan area

To accomodate its urban development, the Syndicat Mixte des Transports Urbains du Grand Nouméa (SMTU – New Caledonia - Oceania) has created a mobility plan that harmonizes public transit and the upcoming Bus Rapid Transit in 2019.
To this end, SMTU has awarded the contract for the Intelligent Transportation Systems to ENGIE who will deploy the Navineo solution to the future Tanéo transit system which will consolidate the three existing transit systems (urban, coaches and school buses).

Fluidity, multimodality and ease of operations with Navineo

Navineo: A multi-operator Intelligent Transportation System

For SMTU, one of the challenges in harmonizing public transit is that each transit system is operated by a different company. The Navineo solution by ENGIE has a native multi-operator architecture, contributing to the intelligent integration of the many in-vehicle solutions such as on-demand systems, fare collection, video-surveillance, automatic passenger counting, etc.
Navineo allows for real-time transmission of vehicle locations to the operation control center of each transit operator. Via a touch screen Mobile Data Terminal, drivers can access meaningful information such as next stops, schedule adherence, detours, etc.
Through the Navineo advanced service restoration features, Tanéo will be able to provide their customers with improved punctuality, better planning, and increased quality of service.

Meaningful information for passengers

The Navineo system ensures the calculation and dissemination of real-time passenger information throughout the Noumea Metropolitan area. Passengers will benefit from on-board next-stop information displays and automatic audio announcements. Navineo also offers a real-time API to transmit data to the Tanéo web site and mobile applications.

The radio infrastucture / communication backbone

ENGIE, with its local branch in Noumea, will provide and install the communication backbone with 6 radio towers, in order to deliver high-performance and reliable voice and data radio communications. This will ensure strong coverage of this widespread territory while providing full back-up capability.
Supervisor vehicles will be equipped with radio terminals which will allow them to stay in constant contact with the control center and the bus drivers.
« Through the combination of the implementation of new technologies, new transit operators’ contracts, and important capital investments, the STMU will offer modern mobility experience to customers and the Navineo solution by ENGIE is an essential part of it », said Lucien Pommiez, Director for Planning and Systems at Syndicat Mixte des Transports Urbains (STMU) in Noumea.

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