Morocco : The Navineo Intelligent Transportation System deployed on the Rabat-Salé Light Rail system

In 2020, the entire Rabat-Salé Light Rail system will be equipped with Navineo, the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) designed by ENGIE Ineo, for optimal and efficient operation and passenger information. This contract covers the existing two Light Rail lines already in operation as well as the future Line 2 extension.

The Line 2 extension will have 7 more kilometers and 12 new stations. The STRS has awarded ENGIE Ineo and its Navineo solution the right to supervise all their light rail lines, thereby offering passengers an improved transport experience.

Proven systems for Intelligent Transport

Navineo will continuously transmit the real-time location, on-time performance and punctuality of the 66 Light Rail Vehicles to the Control Center (including the extension) to facilitate the real-time monitoring of the rail fleet. As more than 51 million trips are done on the transit system each year, an Automated passenger Counting system will be implemented for continual assessment and improvement.

The operator will benefit from automatic headway management between their rail vehicles, features already tested and proven on many other locations worldwide. The Navineo system will automatically manage regularity when an early or late departure is detected. 

In the driver cabin, a Mobile Data Terminal will display all information needed by the driver to operate in the best conditions (Next stop, On-time performance, emergency call…).

An improved passenger experience

Passengers will be informed in real-time of the next Light Rail arrival at their stop by Navineo:

22 new Passenger Information Displays will be added to the existing infrastructure to display line number, destination, and waiting times. For a better accessibility, information will be both in Arabic and French.

« The Navineo Intelligent Transportation Systems already equip more than 30 Light Rail systems in Europe and Worldwide, including those of Belgium, Spain, Israel, Algeria. ENGIE Ineo is a key partner for the success of the ambitious mobility project of the Société de Tramway de Rabat-Salé. We mobilize a local team in Morocco, dedicated to the installation and support of the Navineo system on the field and a team has already been mobilized for the High-Speed Rail project between Tanger and Kenitra » emphasizes Baudouin Huon, Transportation Market Director for ENGIE Ineo.