MONTARGIS to become a smart city with ENGIE Ineo through an innovative lease agreement with purchase option

To deliver public services that are ever more efficient, cost-effective and respectful of environmental issues, the town of MONTARGIS entrusted ENGIE Ineo with all the renovation work on its public lighting stock. Alongside the deployment of remote management technology in the centre of town, the specialist in solutions for connected territories will install Wi-Fi access points to provide a continuous connection in certain locations of the town. This innovative Lease agreement with purchase option offers excellent flexibility, enabling MONTARGIS to move ahead to becoming both a connected and smart city.

Renovate the lighting stock for connected citizens: two priorities for MONTARGIS

The municipal authority of MONTARGIS was seeking to transform its public lighting and turn it into a responsive, efficient public service that would consistently improve the quality of life of inhabitants. It undertook a huge project to renovate and modernise the technology of its public lighting, with 70 % energy savings to boot.

The ENGIE Ineo teams drew on their excellent presence and extensive knowledge of territorial issues forged by the MONTARGIS branch and were able to support the MONTARGIS authority in deploying this solution. All of the town’s 2,657 lighting points will be replaced with LED lamps. Maintenance will be provided for term of the 5-year contract.

To transform MONTARGIS into a connected city, five new Wi-Fi hubs will use public lighting masts spread about the town. These hot spots will feature stand-up counter points, where people can place their phone, tablet or computer. The aim: offer inhabitants and visitors convivial places to meet, stop by and communicate.

Lease agreement with purchase option: innovative flexibility

ENGIE Ineo signed the deal with the MONTARGIS municipal authority using an innovative format: a 5-year lease agreement with purchase option. This original contracting method enables the town authority to strive to meet its environmental and societal commitments, while respecting budget commitments. By financing the delivery of services and equipment over several years, the municipal authority can enjoy an innovative, efficient network and at the end of the lease, it can choose whether to take over ownership of the equipment or not. This new form of contract enables the town of MONTARGIS to make considerable savings in terms of maintenance and energy use, while beautifying the town.

Remote control: connected technology to move ahead towards the smart city

The lighting points installed by ENGIE Ineo teams feature smart, connected modules that enable individual control of lighting points throughout the centre of town. All 53 distribution cabinets and 560 lighting points located in the town centre will be fitted with this technology. It will offer users enhanced visual comfort while delivering multiple benefits in terms of maintenance: synchronisation of town lighting, control over lighting times depending on the district and site, control of lighting intensity according to the time of year or location (school gates, festive events etc.), control over global energy consumption or automated alerts in case of network failure.

This scalable technology will enable the municipal authority of MONTARGIS in a second phase to opt for remote control of other town facilities, such as barriers, parking access bollards or passenger information boards.

The deployment of remote control technology and the renovation of the lighting network throughout MONTARGIS will provide inhabitants with higher levels of comfort on a daily basis,” comments Benoit Digeon, Mayor of MONTARGIS. “These choices will reflect the desire of the MONTARGIS municipal authority to become the first “Smart” city in the Loiret département, by upgrading from a connected city to a smart city.

In the opinion of Laurent Ballet, ENGIE Ineo branch director, “the Lease agreement with purchase option offers MONTARGIS genuine flexibility while generating real energy savings. At ENGIE Ineo, we consistently co-build projects with our customers. Our attention to requirements is primordial and enables us to adapt our solutions to deliver a response that precisely matches the expectations of elected officials and users.