Marseille : a technology platform for Big Data management

Marseille, 29 November 2017 - Use the rich information provided by local data to more effectively ensure the public safety and tranquillity of citizens. This is the aim of the City of Marseille authorities, in entrusting the unique project based on a Big Data management platform to ENGIE Ineo through digital services specialist Ineo Digital. This innovative decision aid includes a functionality to enable citizen communication and will be ramped up to be fully operational by the end of 2020.


Smart processing of local data

Ensuring the public tranquillity of citizens is an essential condition of the quality of daily life, but also the attractiveness of the city, to support its economic development and tourism. Since 2009, the City of Marseille authority has adopted a proactive approach to deploy a “Safe City” model.

To ensure public safety, it became clear to us that all the data at the City’s disposal concerning the management of public spaces, department log books recording the degradation of public property or information given by our vast CCTV programme, could be collated and cross-matched,” explains Caroline Pozmentier, Deputy Mayor responsible for Public Safety. “By removing barriers around the data silos, we aim to be prepared for what needs to be implemented in public areas to ensure our citizens are safe and protected.”

The City of Marseille wished to use an innovative system that would enable it to use all the knowledge buried deep inside the data available in the City’s information systems and those of its partners, Open Data etc. Aim: by making use of this immense data repository, enable parties responsible for public safety and order to benefit from unrestricted information, interact with citizens, assess the current situation and anticipate future events through the analysis of historical events.

Agile methods to meet local requirements

Due to its experience in the implementation of custom IT infrastructures, Ineo Digital was contracted to conduct a series of studies to implement the Big Data platform. By deploying multiple Data Science resources and their know-how in the integration of such innovative technology, the Ineo Digital experts will work using an iterative method comprising the analysis of successive usage cases. “The system implemented will be progressively enriched“, explains Sébastien Vinant, Ineo Digital Director of Innovation Business Marketing. “We are using our full expertise to define the business requirements of the Marseille agglomeration, then collect and integrate data into the platform to enable in-depth analysis.”

The contract allocated to Ineo Digital, which is part of a larger 1.8 million Euro programme, includes the design of a mobile app for citizens, a professional website and a programming interface*. Using these Big Data platform components, the data retrieved will be made available to parties involved in public tranquillity (forces of order, safety organisations) through specific interfaces (dashboards, information screens etc.).

Optimise predictive decision making for cities and residents

The decision-aid tool should enable deciders to predict threats to public tranquillity based on the analysis of data available for a given locality. “The aim of this Big Data platform is to cross-match the analysis of a previous situation with a current context to anticipate risks and prepare possible interventions by forces of order,” says Caroline Pozmentier. In the longer term, the aim is to enable other local departments and authorities to communicate with this platform to ensure the public safety and tranquillity of citizens in all aspects of their daily life: noise, petty crimes, public space management or road works.


The choice made by the City of Marseille to use its full data repository to serve the tranquillity of residents is a first and we are very happy to have been selected for the project,” declares Laurent Pitek, Engie Ineo local authority business manager. “These innovative data-centric technologies that Ineo Digital experts will deploy in Marseille open up genuine opportunities for local authorities, not just in terms of safety and security, but also for all other City activities.”

* API (Application Programming Interface), used by software to deliver services to other software.

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