Living better together and ageing happily at home

In Roubaix, France, Sia Habitat, the Ôgénie by ENGIE start-up and the “Sauvegarde du Nord” association have inaugurated the Renaissance residence for seniors.

On Friday 30 March, in Roubaix, France, the Renaissance residence was inaugurated in the presence of Olivier Jacob, representing Michel Lalande, Prefect of the Hauts-de-France region and the Nord department, Régis Cauche, representing Jean-René Lecerf, President of the Nord department, Guillaume Delbar, Mayor of Roubaix, Marie-Hélène Foubet, Managing Director of Sia Habitat, Laetitia Kouadria, Co-Founder of Ôgénie and José Liotet, Vice-Managing Director of Bouygues Bâtiment Nord-Est.

With its 121 rented housing units, this new residence combines an inter-generational offer and new services to live better together and age happily at home. Sia Habitat, the Ôgénie by ENGIE start-up and the “Sauvegarde du Nord” association have designed and tested new services that address the challenges of ageing and the digital divide. The residence was designed by the architects D’houndt + Bajart Architectes & Associés and built by Bouygues Construction Nord-Est.


The social housing agency, Sia Habitat, the Ôgénie by ENGIE start-up and the “Sauvegarde du Nord” association worked together for one year on the development of new services that harness digital technologies to address the challenge of ageing happily at home. The result is a selection of services that meet everyone’s needs. The project helps to develop the digital self-sufficiency of senior citizens, stimulates social bonds by bringing the residents together and improves the safety of persons, thanks in particular to home automation.


Sia Habitat decided to install a connected assistance system in the dwellings that is directly connected to the residence’s caretaker. The landlord has supplemented this digital system with the presence of a socio-cultural mediator, who liaises with the tenants to nurture collective projects that encourage exchanges and solidarity.
Now that the residents have mastered the digital tools, La Sauvegarde du Nord can step in. The presence of a social technician enables the seniors to stay at home thanks to the digital tools, while favouring contacts with the outside world and other residents. The technician’s expertise in providing support in self-sufficiency and a listening ear means that they can detect any social problems and direct the tenants towards the competent local social services.

Social innovation is the core activity of Ôgénie, an ENGIE Ineo start-up. Ôgénie offers a digital services platform adapted to seniors that encourages self-sufficiency, solidarity and social ties between the residents. The platform’s mobile and web application, which can be accessed by the residents, their entourage and the residence’s personnel, can be used to:
– create activities for seniors,
– distribute information about the residence, the district and the town,
– access a directory of local services,
– send preventive messages.

The residents have received a tablet and followed digital training as part of the trial. Depending on the tenants’ needs, Ôgénie is addressing the challenge of enabling the residents of the Renaissance to stay at home by supplying connected remote assistance boxes and floor lighting that allows the seniors to get around at night in safety.

An Ôgénie project manager is helping Sia Habitat to launch the deployment for the residents and the personnel. Ôgénie’s expertise has been made available to equip the housing units, train the staff and continually monitor and analyse the trial.

Just a few months into the test, the digital tools have become a part of the residents’ everyday lives and numerous activities have been launched at the tenants’ direct initiative. The digital divide is shrinking day by day.


Sia Habitat has also paid particularly close attention to the exteriors, to favour communal life and a happy old age. The Renaissance residence is also an example of urban biodiversity, with a “meadow” that is mowed late in the season, carefully tended paths, shrubberies made up of local varieties of plants and fruit trees, a vegetable garden for the residents, a landscaped enclosure and nesting boxes in the trees and on the surrounding walls. And some carefully positioned garden benches that enable the residents to make the most of this carefully tended environment.