How to consume energy differently

Smart Grid Experience, is one of the very first concrete smart grid experiments on this scale in France.

It increases the energy efficiency of buildings connected to the smart grid, reduces costs and helps to develop new uses, such as charging electric vehicles from solar panels.

ENGIE Ineo, which has been working with SMEs and universities for a long time already, designed this site to be used as a training venue that is unique in France. Students, engineers and visitors are all welcome to test the benefits of smart grids locally and on a “life-sized scale”, and to discover or test the electrical solutions of the future.

Eventually, these experiments will produce numerous technological developments. Thanks to the site in Toulouse, the smart grid activity is gaining strength… (20 new jobs are created on the site every year!).

How do smart grids work?

In Toulouse, ENGIE Ineo has designed and installed a smart grid in a business park to connect the different installations that consume, produce and store energy.