What if magnetic fields could be detected to raise the alert in time?

Today, all too many electrical accidents happen in the workplace. Every company shares the same goal: To provide optimal protection of the safety of employees.

  • Zero electrical accidents
  • Real-time data, proactive and predictive safety

The medal that stays connected for life!

SaveMyLife is a project to design new connected personal protective equipment for safety management.

SaveMyLife is an innovation developed by ENGIE Ineo that detects magnetic fields in order to give warning when approaching high-risk zones, while remaining connected. It is a new item of personal protective equipment that is connected to the safety management service.

  • ALERT …by detecting the presence of electric voltages at a distance and permanently, and by sending a visual, sound or vibratory signal 
  • RESCUE  … in the event of electrisation by simultaneously cutting off the source remotely <5s (using a modulable and remote radiofrequency device) and informing the emergency services of the GPS coordinates of the agent using the employee’s GSM telephone
  • ANALYSE …all detected incidents or accidents are measured, notified and stored in a database, sent by Dashboard KPI, with an ENGIE Ineo Digital solution that is escalated to the ENGIE accident prevention officer for management.