How to restore the pleasures of life in collective housing?

Social relationships help people aged over 55 to stay healthy, while remaining isolated can cause psychic problems*. Talking to and meeting other people helps seniors to access information*

Digital technology excludes the aged, while its proper use can be a factor of integration**

  • 5 million seniors are e-excluded
  • In France, one person in two aged over 50 feels isolated
  • Seniors account for 30% of the occupants of social housing

* Inpes2010 health barometer

** Les cahiers connexion solidaire N°1

Ôgénie, an ENGIE group start-up, is developing a new social innovation offer for collective residences.

Ôgénie is a phygital offer for social housing organisations and their residents based on a platform proposing services adapted to senior tenants.

This offer will restore the pleasures of living in collective housing by:
• Facilitating exchanges
• Improving the quality of service
• Informing target populations on time