The connected district that protects the well-being of its inhabitants

Thanks to its innovative character, the EUREKA district was selected by the French Ministry of the Ecological and Responsible Transition as an industrial demonstrator of the sustainable city. A smart quarter that puts the user at its heart. A demonstrator area measuring more than 32,000 square metres is already in place, featuring a number of smart buildings equipped with sensors (data on water, electricity, local alerts, real-time information on public transport, etc.).

Once completed, EUREKA will be a connected neighbourhood measuring 39 hectares, with more than 276,000 square metres of floor space (housing, offices, schools, transport, shops). A series of interconnected services with cover the entire neighbourhood, which aims to become a positive-energy district.


A platform of services that meet users’ needs

ENGIE Ineo is developing a platform that offers services to users in the heart of this connected district.

ENGIE Ineo will develop a platform and applications for this project that will provide services to the residents of the neighbourhood, install a cloud and data storage and maintain the infrastructure and the equipment required to collect technical and energy-related data.