How to optimise goods flows with more flexible storage solutions

As logistics in the broadest sense change in order to handle ever larger flows of goods, flows in towns and cities are rising sharply. These flows are driven mainly by e-commerce, stores located in urban areas and major works in towns and cities. Flexible storage and logistics solutions are now necessary to meet the needs of these actors and to optimise the flows they produce. This is one of the reasons why we are witnessing the move from “peripheral” logistics to inner city logistics, which aim to optimise the famous “last mile” and to reduce the congestion of inner city flows, thereby improving air quality.

These flows can be optimised thanks to other companies and private actors in towns and cities who have under-used land, available local storage capacity, logistical resources or even expertise in packing that are not used to their full potential.

The storage marketplace for professionals proposes available space in other companies, with or without the associated logistics services (reception of goods, inspection, order preparation, shipment, handling of returns, etc.).

If you are a professional looking for storage space, with or without logistics services, or if you have available space in your premises, visit, express your needs and receive offers that meet your criteria perfectly. It’s simple, flexible and efficient!