Icomera Reaches 1 Billion Passenger Wi-Fi Sessions on Buses

As if further proof were needed that we are living in an “always connected” world with “Internet everywhere”, Icomera, the leading provider of mobile Internet solutions for public transport, is celebrating a landmark 1 billion Passenger Wi-Fi sessions on buses!

Today, Icomera’s fast, secure and reliable connectivity technology is installed on more than 30,000 trainsets, trams, coaches, and buses worldwide, with millions of Wi-Fi users utilising its services every month. The company’s patented technology is turning travel time into productive time, connecting passengers to their work and social networks and allowing them to complete digital tasks on the move.

Icomera, a subsidiary of ENGIE Ineo, has experienced significant growth since launching its Passenger Wi-Fi platform for buses in 2010. Commenting on the milestone, Icomera’s President and CEO, Karl Johan-Holm, said: “As public Wi-Fi availability grows, the population increasingly expects to be in constant communication with their work or social networks, wherever they are. Icomera is experiencing this trend first-hand. We have seen a significant acceleration in the past five years alone, with 90% of these 1 billion Wi-Fi sessions on buses occurring in that period. We don’t expect this to slow down anytime soon.”

Modern onboard services such as Passenger Wi-Fi are encouraging more people to travel using public transport, which has clear benefits for the environment, something which is central to Icomera’s mission. For Yann Rolland, CEO of ENGIE Ineo: “Facilitating access to Wi-Fi promotes the use of public transport, and this inevitably has an impact on the reduction of harmful emissions for the environment. Reaching one billion Wi-Fi sessions on buses shows how relevant Icomera’s vision of connected travel is. This is fully in line with our ongoing efforts for green mobility.”