Today ENGIE Ineo is a leading French player in electrical engineering, information and communication systems. As a proven expert in energy efficiency, we deliver global solutions to reduce the environmental impact of industry and business, while fostering sustainable development.

The roots of ENGIE Ineo lie in a rich,100-year journey of constant progress, combining the skills of GTMH, L’Enterprise Industrielle, SEEE and Verger Delporte to assist public and private sector organisations in deploying, operating and maintaining their enterprise projects in terms of energy performance and sustainable development.

1891: Establishment of Grands Travaux de Marseille (GTM)

1895: Establishment of Verger Delporte

1902: Establishment of Herlicq

1921: Establishment of L’Enterprise Industrielle (EI), subsidiary of L’Energie Industrielle

1927: Establishment of SEEE

1971:  Belgian firm Fabricom acquired 99% of SEEE capital

1974: GTM outsourced its electrical activities under the GTME brand

1980: L’Entreprise Industrielle took over Verger Delporte

1994: GTMH was formed through the merger of GTME and Herlicq

1998: GTMH acquired EI

2001: Establishment of INEO through the merger of GTMH/EI and SEEE

2005: INEO became part of the France Installation and Related Services Business Unit in the Energy Services branch of SUEZ.

July 2008: INEO became part of France Installation and Related Services Business Unit in ENGIE’s Energy Services branch

September 2008: Acquisition of Drode (public lighting)

October 2008: Acquisition of ARES Group’s RMS (networks, mobility, security) activity

2009: 45% stake acquired in SINOVIA (multi-activity and multi-technical supervision for cities, sites and buildings)

January 2010: Acquisition of VIDAL (electrical and HVAC installation)

January 2011: Acquisition of remaining stake in SINOVIA (100%) & Acquisition of ACM Services (radio-mobility)

October 2011: Acquisition of iProcess (security software)

December 2011: Acquisition of TELCA 2000 (security infrastructures)

March 2012: Acquisition of Resplandy (public lighting)

June 2012: Cofely Ineo became the new brand used by INEO and its subsidiaries

December 2012: Acquisition of Asphaléia (Risk management software)

January 2013: Acquisition of CTTG (Remote surveillance)

January 2016: Cofely Ineo became ENGIE Ineo 

May 2016: Launch of Ambitions enterprise project

May 2017: Acquisition of Icomera

ENGIE Ineo's areas of expertise