Recruitment of young talents and support for their careers: in this field ENGIE Ineo innovates with its High'5 graduate program.

Launch of the new promo 

ENGIE Ineo launches the new promo of High’5 Program, the graduate program made by ENGIE Ineo. From now until september the 30th, apply for our talents booster. 


The “Made in Ineo” Graduate Program established in 2016 is a new illustration of ENGIE Ineo’s commitment to the professional integration of new graduates.

It meets dual objectives: train new engineering graduates in our business activities and help them prepare for a complex, rapidly-changing world.

By joining ENGIE Ineo they will benefit from original, open and innovative corporate culture that will provide support, yet leave them enough independence to encourage creativity.


High’5 Program … what does it entail? 

Three different jobs in three years including an international assignment, through which new graduates will gain experience on permanent contracts, with regular training periods.



Throughout their experience, a team (comprising an operational mentor and the HR department) will provide support, supervision and development.



Focused on familiarity with our business activities, skills development and geographical mobility, this program is a real fast-track career option which will rapidly open the doors to managerial responsibilities.

The High’5 program is a unique opportunity for full immersion in a rapidly-evolving world with a bright perspective: become a player in the digital energy transition in connected cities and regions.

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