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Navineo’s solutions have been accompanying the ever-changing nature of mobility for almost 40 years.
Thanks to its fine analysis of data and behavioral studies, every day our teams develop, invent and roll out ever more efficient and reliable modular Intelligent Transportation Systems and Services.

Our offer 

Navineo offers a wide portfolio of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Services for:

  • improved operations :CAD/AVL, yard management, mobile route, traffic signal priority, CCTV, automatic passenger counting, dashboard, open data…
  • assist drivers : turn by turn guidance, eco-driving, voice & data communication… 
  • enhance traveler experience : real-time passenger information, at-stop information, intermodality MaaS,..
  • You never walk alone : design, hardware manufacturing, installation, Navineo university, software maintenance, hardware repair, 24/7 hotline… With an average lifetime of 12 years, the Navineo ITSS helps with the success of your fleet in the long term.

Navineo complements its historical core, the CAD/AVL system, with next-generation applications.

Key figures

39 years in intelligent transportation systems
98% client satisfaction with Navineo
150 public transit systems
1800 LRT vehicles
35 500 coaches, buses and BRT

Innovating for a better mobility  

With Navineowe are calling for efficient public transit.  They are relevant, allowing for quick, data-driven decisions designed to improve transit operations, making passenger experience personalized, reliable and seamless. 


Green mobility 

Navineo solutions work for a better quality of life in the city and favor a modal shift to public transportation.

  • Energy efficiency : eco-efficient technologies, Traffic Signal Priority module and Eco-Driving application…
  • data for energy efficiency : analyze the energy performance of your fleet (consumption per mile traveled, consumption per passenger, attendance and performance…)
  • attract more passengers : with enhance passenger experience and real-time information with all modes of transportation

Our partners

Founding member, ENGIE Ineo works for plug-and-play digital systems applications for public transportation


M2i Mobilité Intégrée Ile de France

Partner of the M2i project, ENGIE participates in the construction of unequaled intermodal mobility in the Ile-de-France region

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