Improve building energy efficiency, deliver more services and uses to occupants: ENGIE Ineo supports its customers and their sites with these aims in mind but also with an eye to the future.

Managing today’s needs while anticipating the building of the future and its potential uses: ENGIE Ineo teams apply their expertise in tertiary property to serve this dual purpose. Their missions: deliver efficient solutions to meet the requirements of their customers.

Multiple issues for property owners and managers

Retail outlets, offices, healthcare institutions, education: whether public or private sector tertiary buildings, the property market is observing a strong trend in this sector: the emergence of the smart building. In other words, raising the value of property through value-generating smart services.

Energy performance is a core component of this issue and is in the throes of a genuine transformation. It is the main focus of many issues facing property owners and managers:

  • Quality of life at work, comfort and well-being, health and safety;
  • new work modes, new uses;
  • integration in the ecosystem;
  • connected buildings;
  • CSR policy requirements;
  • operating cost control.


ENGIE Ineo, sustainable and innovative solutions

From the design phase through to operation and maintenance, our experts demonstrate solid experience in tertiary buildings, delivering sustainable, innovative energy performance solutions for all building systems. Solutions that ENGIE Ineo deploys through two main business arrangements: multi-technical maintenance agreements; usage-oriented agreements where energy performance benefits from the latest advances in smart building technologies and digital transformation.

  • Installation and optimisation of electrical systems

Installation and electrical distribution (high / low current), lighting, building technical management and maintenance

  • Security of people and property

Access control, CCTV, computer networks, data centres etc.

  • Deployment of communication systems

Telephony, information systems, computer networks, data centres, conference facilities, PA system, dynamic signage, video conferencing, multimedia terminals.

  • Improvement of building energy efficiency

Supervision, monitoring & diagnostic tools, energy management, smart grids etc.

  • Development of renewable energies

Installation and integration of photovoltaic solutions.