New energy sources

The primary issue in the energy revolution is to meet the growing need for energy while limiting our environmental impact.

Support green growth

ENGIE Ineo is therefore active in the key issues of the energy transition to a low-carbon economy, such as access to sustainable energy, climate-change mitigation and adaptation, rational use of resources. It also means we have to design smart solutions to improve energy performance, such as self-regulation, resource optimisation, security and reliability.

ENGIE Ineo supports its customers in their production and transmission of current and future energy products.

Meet the requirements of optimisation and performance

Choose new energy sources to boost competitiveness and demonstrate a commitment to responsible production.

Flexibility and smart resource management

Improve our energy consumption, make production responsive to demand or implement smart storage solutions.

Financial viability

Make energy savings while reducing the overall cost of projects.


Responsible approach

Improve our environmental footprint, contribute to developing renewable energy sources and building a promising future.

ENGIE Ineo offering

As a creator of solutions for the future, ENGIE Ineo designs smart systems for energy regulation, management and storage.

We constantly seek to innovate to meet our customers’ need for energy independence, through optimised energy use and adapting production to meet demand, managing available energy resources and controlling consumption.

We support regional land development and usage projects, frequently involving the design and construction of wind, solar and biogas plants.

Our added value

ENGIE Ineo specialises in renewable energy sources and sustainable solutions, with extensive experience in energy performance management. This enables us to support our customers at each stage of their project with fully integrated offerings.