Availability of production resources, operating safety, flexibility, cost optimisation etc. Whatever the sector, in an increasingly competitive world, industrial customers are seeking performance improvements for their processes.

ENGIE Ineo, partner of industry

Whether in the automotive industry or equipment manufacture, aerospace, petrochemical, pharmaceutical or agricultural sectors, all operators are seeking to upgrade their production processes to raise their performance and boost competitiveness.

From consulting and design to operation and maintenance, our specialists deliver global solutions as key partners to their clients. We are closely-knit with our customers, acting both on business processes and infrastructures.
ENGIE Ineo offerings include expert skills and the latest in technological advances, especially digital tools to serve energy performance. They blend obsolescence management, risk management and security of industrial sites. 


  • Construction and optimisation of electrical systems

Electrical installation (high voltage/low voltage), lighting, distribution, BMS, industrial maintenance etc.

  • Optimisation of industrial and environmental processes

Automation, instrumentation & control, revamping

  • Deployment of communication systems

Telephone systems, information systems, data networks, data centres etc.

  • Improved energy efficiency

Supervision, monitoring & diagnostic tools, energy management, smart grids etc.

  • Security of people and property

Security (access control, CCTV etc.), call centres, fire safety, lightning protection etc.