Connected, autonomous and smart industrial sites can now manage their production levels using data collected and via networks which feed their processes and facilities. Smart industry takes things to a whole new dimension. A revolutionary response to the major issues of the sector in terms of flexibility and competitiveness

ENGIE Ineo, partner of industry


BIM, robotised systems, the Asphales cyber-security solution: ENGIE Ineo delivers solid expertise in smart systems for industry, for full management of all site functions and components. Together, these solutions make up a new offering that delivers significant advantages to industrial operators, enabling them to raise their attractiveness, successfully implement their energy revolution and protect their data.

Industrial smart grid

For an industrial site, a smart grid represents an innovative opportunity to enhance the site’s energy performance. The site can thus access a new dynamic of global energy optimisation. Going further, it contributes to the image of a firm resolutely committed to the 21st century, a leading stakeholder in the new industrial revolution.

ENGIE Ineo and turnkey smart grids
As an expert in smart grids, ENGIE Ineo develops and implements latest-generation power networks for vastly different applications which perfectly suit their context, whether urban or agricultural. We support industrial operators with a specific offering.

  • Design, construction, through-life support and operation of smart grids: involving production using renewable energy sources, power generators, storage capacities (electrochemical, hot, cold) and energy management.
  • ESPC approach
    Benefits of ENGIE Ineo solutions
    Technical and technology expertise
  • Multi-fluid approach
  • Flexible and adaptable approach
  • High-level engineering
  • Sensitive process immunity to micro-power outages on public distribution network 
  • Reduction of power consumption Leading-edge technologies
  • Contractual expertise
  • Performance-related remuneration
  • Integrated financing solutions
  • Long-term partnerships with client