Connected regions

The digital revolution is also transforming how cities and regions function. It connects, breaks down barriers, simplifies, facilitates, secures. It also helps local authorities to fulfil their role for citizens.

Partner of local authorities

The digital revolution helps local authorities to fulfil their role for citizens.

Improve quality of service to citizens, rationalise costs

Elected officials and department heads – the main deciders in local authorities – are today facing a number of issues: 

  • render their public policies more visible through the modernisation of infrastructures and the improvement in quality of service;
  • deal with lower state subsidies by optimising their operating costs and rationalising their resources;
  • implement innovation to make their facilities more efficient and better-performing.

ENGIE Ineo, a benchmark of excellence

As a key player in the digital revolution, ENGIE Ineo also has a central role on the connected cities and regions market, as a historical incumbent yet more so as a solutions integrator. Our experience and extensive range of expertise enable us to handle all the needs of this market and to design specific solutions to meet the requirements of a municipal authority.

Our teams are present in almost all French départements, acting as local correspondents of excellence for municipal decision-makers. They are greatly familiar with local issues and capable of delivering the most appropriate solutions.

Six main activities to serve connected cities and regions

ENGIE Ineo is primarily active in two main sectors: urban infrastructures and services to municipal authorities, across six activities that deliver benefits to both the authority and citizens

  • Reliable and efficient networks
  • Attractiveness through communication infrastructures
  • Efficient lighting
  • Secure public spaces
  • Effective communication with citizens
  • Smooth travel and traffic flows across the municipality

Multiple skills with high added intelligence value

Through its operational entities, ENGIE Ineo delivers all its know-how in design, installation, maintenance and long-term operation. These skills are bolstered by advanced expertise in digital technology, enabling the integration of smart technology in the solutions delivered. Today, all these innovations contribute to building the Smart City.

Efficient lighting plans, renewable energy sources, sustainable mobility, traffic control, parking management, car-sharing, inter-mode transport, CCTV, supervision, access control, major risk management, public lighting, lighting schemes and decoration for heritage buildings, superfast broadband, information and communication systems etc.

ENGIE Ineo strengths serving local authorities

  • An integrated solutions offering with a single point of entry for all clients.
  • Right from the design stage, anticipation of potential optimisation in terms of operation and maintenance.
  • Capacity to make long-term commitments on performance objectives: a typical example is public lighting where ENGIE Ineo commits to generating 50% in energy savings over the term of the contract.
  • Dual innovation in services and business contracts: the capacity to arrange financing for urban infrastructure projects on behalf of clients.