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When it comes to cities and territoires, digital has become a commodity!

Tomorrow we will live in new territories, new because they have been reimagined. The city will be eco-designed, sustainable, sober, and human: a large number of transport modes will be shared, vehicles will be autonomous and no longer pollute, energy consumption will be optimized, energy production will be close at hand. Nature will return to its rightful place. Services will be fluid and optimized to improve quality of life. The city will be enhanced, in particular through lighting, in a constant concern for energy efficiency. It will be safe and resilient, a source of serenity for all. It will collect data that will be quickly analyzed to help decision-makers and councillors in the decision-making process.

Building the cities and territories of tomorrow

Our leadership in public lighting and safety and our innovative solutions in mobility and multi-energy smart grids make us an essential actor in the support of administrative districts, cities, agglomerations and territories. Today, ENGIE is positioned as a co-promoter of urban projects and a co-planner of territories. Grand Paris is a perfect example; we are notably part of the project Les Lumières de Pleyel (The Lights of Pleyel) alongside our partners, to which we are making a strong contribution in terms of innovation: a territory-wide multi-energy smart grid, a station for green forms of mobility, solutions for sustainable development and biodiversity…

Because we are present in all forms of expertise that the city needs, we position ourselves as a partner of reference. We bring together the various forms of technical knowhow specific to global, connected solutions. Our territorial network is an asset. It makes us agile and places us close to our customers because we care about each of their issues.

We provide scalable solutions for individual and collective mobility, both for the vehicles and for the electricity charging terminals. We offer carpooling services, solutions for optimized parking and connected payment. We also intervene in the smart traffic segment to reduce urban congestion and reduce the carbon footprint.

Through public lighting, we contribute to the attractiveness of cities and territories by bringing them: a commitment to energy efficiency, the optimized maintenance of their urban fixtures, the remote management of their fleet, the enhancement of their assets, festive lighting, and lighting for sport.

Our focus is on safety and security through solutions that deal with all issues at the level of the district, city, department or region.

Digital, a commodity!

To connect data and services, we have developed the innovative platform Livin’. It constantly evolves to optimize the functioning of the infrastructure and make it more fluid, offer an optimal vision of the equipment, and allow projection into the future through prediction: learn the demographic evolution of the territory and choose where to open a school or set up a hospital. All the data concerning and belonging to the city can be centralized and collected by our digital platform, which is interoperable and thus open to other stakeholders in the territory, especially start-ups. To develop and enrich it, we rely on ENGIE’s teams, who possess highly specialized expertise, in particular in data science. Our goal is to have the most complete vision possible, thanks to the high-value algorithms that we develop.

Towards the harmonious management of urban space

La Baule, with whom we have just signed a unique partnership, is an emblematic example of territorial transformation through new technologies. Improving the attractiveness of the waterfront, providing the means for traffic decongestion during tourist season and optimizing parking management by informing drivers in real time – these are the aims of the four-year partnership signed with the city. In addition to renovating car parks and installing connected touch-screen parking meters and information panels, we draw on our platform, Livin’. The city can supervise its equipment and ensure the sober and harmonious management of urban space. Because we are already present in public lighting, this information can be aggregated to enrich the analyses and help decision-making.

Our added value also comes from the innovations we offer. Because we offer an expert eye of the technologies present in the market, we are ideally placed to accompany our customers and partners in their technological choices where they will have an impact in the long term. We also provide an offer of support for the changes linked to these technologies. Through our history and the ambition that drives our teams on a daily basis, we play an essential role in accompanying cities and territories in their development. We are thus contributing to the very fabric of a more beautiful, more secure, more mobile, energy-efficient city that uses fewer resources.

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