Marc Daumas

"The future issues are numerous, in particular for Smart Buildings."

What are the issues of the future for commercial property?

The issues are numerous, especially for Smart Buildings, where customer expectations are high. These innovations aim to improve energy efficiency in their buildings, but also offer new uses for building occupants.

What challenges do our customers face?

Our customers face the challenge of driving forward their future building projects in a morose economic environment. For them, Smart Buildings are the key to the future. At ENGIE Ineo, our role is to support our customers through this transformation. There are two key factors in this:

  • Continue our day-to-day support, our traditional activity, bread and butter: maintenance, large projects etc.
  • Support customers in designing the buildings of the future, managing change in the commercial property market and all the associated issues.

What is ENGIE Ineo’s core strength?

Our force is our regional coverage with over 300 locations in France and other countries, which ensures a local relationship with our customers. We also have a major capacity to innovate, delivering expertise in energy efficiency, sustainable development and digital technology.

What are your ambitions for the market?

On the commercial building market, the ambition of ENGIE Ineo is to continue assisting our customers while securing a higher position in market rankings and generating greater added-value from our service offerings. This requires that we deliver more integrated and more innovative offerings, from design to operation and maintenance.

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