Jean Lafarge

"We are currently seeing the introduction of the industry of the future, Industry 4.0. Our role is to support our customers through this transformation."

How is industry being transformed?

Currently we are seeing the introduction of wireless internet, connected objects, virtual networks across most industries. Our mission is to support our customers and to help them enter the era of Industry 4.0, the industry of the future.

What needs do your customers have?

Our customers need to maintain and constantly upgrade their installations to ensure they are fully safe, efficient and less energy-consuming. We have the skills required to deliver a wide range of services to our customers.

  • In part through our historical activity, ranging from high voltage to automation, robotics, instrumentation, energy efficiency or machine compliance work.
  • In part also, through the experience acquired with other types of customers, particularly with our cyber-security offering developed in the Defence sector, or our obsolescence management services that we regularly deliver in the nuclear industry.

What added-value does ENGIE Ineo bring to the market?

We have the force and the backing of a major industrial group behind us yet we also offer the flexibility, creativity and diversity of an SME.

What place is there for innovation in industry?

Currently innovation is focusing on the creation of digital platforms. Predictive maintenance and Big Data will play a key role in the industry of tomorrow.

ENGIE Ineo's areas of expertise