ENGIE INEO takes steps for people with Locked-in Syndrome

ENGIE Ineo staff took part in a highly original operation between 26 September and 3 October: raise funds for people with Locked-in Syndrome (LIS) by walking as many steps as possible over the week. On 7 November, in the presence of Yann Rolland, CEO of ENGIE Ineo and Jean-Marc Canepa, Deputy Director Ineo Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, the winning team presented a cheque for €50,000 to Hubert Azémard, president of the Association for Locked-In Syndrome (ALIS). The winners of the challenge achieved over 2,200 km together.

ENGIE Ineo and ALIS, a sustainable commitment going back 15 years

Since 2002, ENGIE Ineo has supported ALIS, an association which raises funds for projects to help people with LIS and their families. Locked-in syndrome is a rare neurological disorder, for the most part due to a stroke which destroys a part of the brainstem, which is a communications highway between the brain and the body’s motor functions. The patient conserves their intellectual capacities as they can see, hear and understand everything, yet are unable to move or speak. The fifteenth anniversary of ENGIE Ineo support to the association was an excellent opportunity to get staff involved in a committed, supportive and civil initiative.

“Bougez pour Alis” – a project that gets people on their feet!

Over 600 ENGIE Ineo employees took part in the “Bougez pour ALIS” (‘Take steps for ALIS’) event organised in late September. The challenge involved teams of four people taking as many steps as possible in the allotted time, to earn points and increase the total sum donated to ALIS. Counting their steps was made possible with a smartphone app. In one week, a total of 56,879 km was achieved. The average distance was 90 km for each participant, with the winners achieving a total of 2,258 km in one week! The challenge was won by a team1 from Ineo Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur.

€50,000 collected for LIS patients through ENGIE Ineo commitment

This high level of participation by ENGIE Ineo teams enabled us to renew our commitment to the association ALIS. The help received will enable the association to fund specially-adapted computers and medical equipment featuring leading-edge technologies. It will also help LIS patients to have conversion work done on their homes or receive home care services.

“This initiative enabled 150 teams across the whole country to take part, encouraging each of them to go the extra mile for ALIS,” says Romain Ricouard-Normand, captain of the winning team. “It