ENGIE Ineo acquires Icomera

ENGIE acquires Icomera, specialist in on-board connectivity for public transportation systems.

35,000 buses equipped with onboard operations support systems
1,800 trams (electrification, signalling, telecommunication systems)

Through its subsidiary ENGIE Ineo, ENGIE announced the acquisition of the Swedish firm Icomera, a leader in the development of onboard connectivity for public transportation systems. The integration of Icomera is fully part of ENGIE’s transformation strategy as a pioneer in the energy revolution, serving smarter and greener mobility.

Build more fluid, cleaner and smarter mobility.

ENGIE is a pioneer in the energy revolution. Today it aims to develop solutions to match its customers’ needs for more flexible, cleaner and smarter mobility. Public transport systems (buses, trams, undergrounds, trains) deliver a tried and tested response to regional development and a strong foundation in the ENGIE Group’s green mobility offering. To enable the operation of public transport services, ENGIE subsidiary ENGIE Ineo has already equipped 12,000 km of rail track around the world, along with 1,800 trams (electrification, signalling, telecommunication systems) and 35,000 buses with onboard operations support and passenger information systems.  In this way, ENGIE Ineo supports the rapid transformation of buses, trams, underground and surface rail systems to more digital, smarter and more connected equipment. This acquisition bolsters ENGIE Ineo’s position in the transport sector, to serve the ENGIE Group’s strategy along with its French and International customers.

Icomera, the world’s leading provider of open Internet connectivity on passenger transport systems

Established in 1999, Icomera specialises in the development of multi-service communication solutions for passengers and transport operators, in particular wireless connectivity and derivatives (information, data collection, communities etc.). With 150 employees around the world, Icomera is the leading supplier of wireless connectivity in passenger transport, connecting millions of users and tens of thousands of vehicles every week, in over 40 countries. Its head office is in Gothenburg, Sweden. Its main subsidiaries can be found in the USA, the UK, Germany and France.

The use of wireless internet enables the development of digital services for passengers (safety, real-time information, internet access etc.) and for transport operators (surveillance, network management, cyber-security etc.). Renowned for its expertise in onboard hardware, Icomera delivers onboard wireless connectivity equipment and an open digital platform with a huge potential for the development of service offerings.

“For the past few years, we have strongly oriented our transport solutions towards the integration of digital technology and onboard solutions,” states Yann Rolland, CEO of ENGIE Ineo.  “Icomera brings a smart, connected and innovative addition to our current solutions offering with to boot, value-generating services for the operator, an unrivalled diversity of applications alongside optimal comfort of use for passengers. This acquisition enables ENGIE Ineo to expand and enrich its offering, thereby strengthening its ambitions in technology for transportation.”

Karl-Johan Holm, CEO of the Icomera Group, adds: “Icomera and ENGIE share a common vision, that of a new, safer world with more attractive public transport systems. In light of the current challenges, it has never been more important. By joining forces and striving together, we can speed up the development of connected travel around the world. “