The digital solution is bringing about faster and deeper transformations in an increasingly connected world. With new technologies, come new uses. ENGIE Ineo delivers its expertise to assist its customers through these profound changes.

Smart city, smart grid, smart industry: ENGIE Ineo makes these concepts a reality. Our solutions are specific and expert-level to help bring about the cities, services and industries of tomorrow.

ENGIE Ineo is a key player in the digital revolution, deploying offers in response to the issues of each market and the needs arising from new uses:

  • Cities and regions: central management of urban spaces, smart parking, control and fluidity of public transport, optimised public lighting, public safety and security etc.
  • Industry: cyber security, automated systems etc.
  • Tertiary: BIM (3D digital modelling), smart buildings etc.
  • Energy: smart grid etc.


Assist customers and end users

As a historical player and herald of these transformations, ENGIE Ineo has firmly placed the digital revolution at the centre of its strategy. In concrete terms, this has seen the creation of a Digital department to oversee all related projects. The mission: support customers in making their own digital transformation a success. Which in turn will generate associated benefits in terms of internal operation and attractive service offerings for end users.


Specialist skills to develop new services

Improving the life of building occupants, making day-to-day life easier for city dwellers, optimise energy management on an industrial site: these are just some of the objectives for ENGIE Ineo that it must meet using innovative, agile methods focusing on two main avenues:

  • deploy the skills of a digital services provider across the whole value chain, specialising in major fields of application (transportation, security etc.);
  • design and develop new services in line with emerging uses and needs.


The Digital department, a dedicated organisation

  • Its role is to: develop the know-how covering the full project life cycle from consulting services to project integration and maintenance;

  • design innovative solutions in response to calls for tenders;

  • anticipate market needs based on solid field experience and ongoing technology intelligence.

ENGIE Ineo's areas of expertise