Commissioning of SEA Tours-Bordeaux high-speed line

The SEA Tours-Bordeaux high speed railway line was inaugurated in February 2017 by former French president François Hollande and is due to open next July. ENGIE Ineo worked on this huge project, built to relieve some of the rail traffic pressure between Paris and Bordeaux and to raise the attractiveness of the regions served.

450 employees active
6 years of work
340 km of new track
14 ENGIE Ineo entities involved
36 technical buildings fitted out

A new 340 km route

As the first railway line in France operated under a concession, the SEA Tours-Bordeaux high-speed line stretches 340 km, with 302 km in total approved for high speed travel. It crosses 113 municipalities and six départements, making the journey between Paris and Bordeaux in just 2 hours instead of 3 hours and 14 minutes.


Remedy the saturation of conventional line traffic

This new railway line was built to free up traffic capacity on the conventional line which has become progressively saturated over the years. Switching mainline traffic to the new line will enable the development of the TER regional train system. It will also be of benefit to freight trains and encourage goods transporters to switch from road to rail mode.


Develop regional attractiveness

By bringing communities closer together, the SEA Tours-Bordeaux high-speed line should also bolster the attractiveness of the regions it serves. Shortening the journey time meets the need to enhance mobility and will bolster tourism in these areas.


ENGIE Ineo serving sustainable mobility

As a key player in the transportation industry, ENGIE Ineo participated in the design and construction of the rail signalling system for the project and the traction power supply equipment. We also deployed energy optimisation solutions.