As a pioneer and key player in the energy revolution, ENGIE Ineo strives to be exemplary in its environmental practices.
Under our CSR policy, we implement an active and engaged sustainable development approach.

Manage the impact of our activities

ENGIE Ineo deploys all necessary actions to respect the objectives set by applicable regulations, customer requirements and to reduce its environmental footprint.

Analyse environmental impacts

Each division analysed its operational processes in terms of environmental impacts on water, air, soil, waste, noise, odours and the landscape. The identification and prioritisation of impacts gave rise to action plans. Several ENGIE Ineo entities have achieved ISO 14001 certification, a guarantee that environmental impacts are taken into consideration in their activities. 

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

ENGIE Ineo is highly active alongside its customers in all fields of the energy revolution, with its own entities fully committed to this approach. We conduct energy audits and greenhouse gas audits for our customers to identify possible levers for action.

98% of ENGIE Ineo GHG emissions are a result of professional travel. A national action plan was deployed to reduce these emissions through several actions:

  • consumption monitoring,
  • satellite tracking on certain activities,
  • use of remote conferencing techniques (conference calls, video conferencing etc.),
  • use of equipment such as electric cradle lifts,
  • deployment of digital mobility tools via the Mobil’IT platform,
  • employee training in eco-driving techniques,
  • encouragement for employees to adopt car-sharing etc.

Limit and recycle waste

Insofar as possible, at ENGIE Ineo we strive to limit the volume of waste produced by our activities at source. On customer sites, ENGIE Ineo respects local rules concerning waste sorting and give priority to recovery and recycling.

Partnerships are in place with waste recycling organisations such as Recylum (lamp recycling) and WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment).

In 2015, over 100 tonnes of equipment were collected at over 110 WEEE collection points located in agencies and on sites.

Limit visual and sound pollution

ENGIE Ineo organises work activities to restrict sound and visual pollution to a minimum, for example by cordoning-off its sites, keeping them clean and using the least noisy equipment possible.

Respect biodiversity

On hazardous sites, ENGIE Ineo always implements suitable measures to prevent nuisance and protect local flora and fauna.

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